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Facebook Dating!

Facebook Dating is completely different from other dating sites. The biggest difference is that on other dating sites you can directly hit the subject whereas on facebook it is a difference scenario altogether and not all subjects you will find are on facebook for the purpose of dating.

So you have exhibit certain charm or certain magic to get your subjects interested in you.

You can start on other dating sites first and then switch on to facebook and if you ask my opinion then have a seperate facebook profile for dating apart from your regular profile.

And once you learn to use the system and you have the skill to redirect your subjects on your profile or to message you back then you can escalate to the next level.

Dating on facebook is much easy once you learn the skill. You don’t have to go a bar or a club to attract women where there are lot of drunk guys hitting on them too and giving you¬†competition.

And who can forget the biggest problem most men face while approaching women and that is approach anxiety. There is no approach anxiety while approaching women on facebook and you can approach tons and tons of women on facebook while totally being relaxed.

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